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Marriage Archive

To notify your intention of getting married by Fr Richard Healey please complete these forms:

The following outlines will guide you through the wedding - and also link to worksheets that you can complete:

The documents that are listed below will be helpful for you in celebrating either the Wedding Liturgy or the Nuptial Mass.
The five love languages
A very helpful resource is to discover more about the "5 love languages" - you can now complete the test online using a very cool tool: 5lovelanguages.com

Marriage Files

A wedding checklist - for couples

PDF - Opens with Adobe Reader

  • A checklist for planning a wedding in the Catholic Church

Celebrating Marriage in Wollongong Diocese

PDF - Opens with Adobe Reader

Marriage overview

PDF - Opens with Adobe Reader

  • Introduction and overview of marriage in the Catholic Church

Marriage Preparation Courses

PDF - Opens with Adobe Reader

  • Available in Wollongong Diocese and the Sydney area.

Marriage Worksheet - Bride

PDF - Opens with Adobe Reader

Marriage Worksheet - Groom

PDF - Opens with Adobe Reader

Rite of Marriage (Nuptial Mass)

ePub & Kindle

  • Rite of Marriage within Mass

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