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What is the Bible?
A tumblr series by Rob Bell - now a book

What is the Bible?

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  • Updated: 08.03.2017


  • Rob Bell began a series on his robbellcom.tumblr.com blog entitled "What is the Bible?" in November 2013 which he has continued to add to each week. The series is excellent, so I have compiled it into an ebook for those who are so inclined. 

    This edition includes the total of 75 blogs up until January 2015. Rob announces in this final blog that he will now continue with a weekly podcast, called The RobCast.

    2017 Update 

    Rob has now rewritten the tumblr series and organised it into a new book to be published by HarperCollins in May 2017 and available for pre-order here: What-is-the-bible

Item Created

27 March 2014

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