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1 iPriest Missal - Special Compact edition
Roman Missal, 3rd edition, English (text only) - Australian text

1 iPriest Missal - Special Compact edition

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  • Updated: 02.02.2017
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Microsoft Word 2013
iPriest Missal - Special Compact edition (USA)


  • Now includes "with blessed Joseph, her Spouse" in the texts of Eucharistic Prayers 2, 3 and 4.

    Includes the name of Pope Francis (or Francis our Pope) in the text; plus a whole series of minor textual improvements including the weekdays around Epiphany.

    Now includes final approved texts of Eucharistic Prayers for Children.

    Now the Sunday and Weekday texts for Ordinary Time have been separated to make the selection of Prefaces easier. Also Sundays 3-5 in Lent have two versions (for Year A and Year B/C)

    The Special Compact Edition does not include any music.

    The whole file has now been rebuilt and redesigned with embedded font (Bookerly); it is now again based on html. All versions (including the Pope Francis edition with music) now feature a version number and date stamp to make it easier to check that you have the latest version.
    Version 3/17.01.20 | 27 Jan 2017
    Extensive modifications in the Rituals section - providing through composed Eucharistic Prayers (with all of the special intercessions inserted at the appropriate places) for the Ordination of Bishops, Priests and Deacons, as well as Nuptial Masses. 
    This version now only contains texts for use in Australia, England and Wales and Scotland. The texts for the United States of America are available in their own edition.
    Mary Magdalene (22 July) upgraded to Feast.
    Hundreds of minor corrections.


A licence to use this product is required from ICEL. Parishes that subscribe to Labora, Liturgy Help, or similar may already be covered. Permission to use an electronic Missal in liturgy has not yet been granted.

Item Created

14 March 2013

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